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CASA MÉXICO is an organization for and from the community. We are a non-profit community organization (CBO) that advocates particularly on behalf of the Mexican immigrant community and also the Hispanic community at large. We offer educational, health, art and cultural programs. We also assist in labor problems. With your help and participation we will continue growing and making our community stronger. Our doors are open for all cultures and people that want to join us in learning and sharing with our brothers and sisters.    

Assistance And Referrals

Do you want to continue studying and register in the university?
If you graduated from High School in Mexico or if you passed the GED Test (and you have certificates to demonstrate it) you can register in CUNY (City University of New York) even if you are undocumented and you do not have a Social Security number.
Assistance with labor problems:
If you have a labor problem and need help, come and tell us about it.
Social Service Assistance:
We refer you to agencies and community organizations that resolve cases of domestic violence, housing, human rights, immigration problems, etc.

INFORMATION and assistance on how to obtain documents in the Mexican Consulate (passports, birth certificates and other needed documentation)

Health Program


Includes chats on issues of critical urgency for our Mexican and Latin Communities, such as: Drug Addiction, alcoholism, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes, hypertension, cancer (breast, uterine cervix, ovary, prostate, lungs, intestine etc.), vaccinations (including children vaccinations needed to enter schools) and prenatal care. Each chat is conducted by a physician in Spanish with projections in a screen.
REFERENCES TO HOSPITALS, CLINICS AND PRIVATE MEDICAL OFFICES: Several hospitals and clinics in Manhattan, as well as private physicians and dentists, collaborate with CASA MEXICO and offer free service or at low cost to the clients that we refer. We also refer cases of alcoholism to Alcoholic Anonymous of Brooklyn that speak Spanish, offer free service and temporary housing if necessary.

Casa Mexico's Mission is:

To advocate for Mexican and Latin Immigrants in problems of labor, health, education, and other miscellaneous problems as well as to preserve the traditions and cultural and spiritual treasures of their countries that form their moral and psychological basis.

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